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Wise Words of My Nine Year Old

Here is how the conversations with my nine year old went this morning:
"Mom my penmanship book is really hard this year." 
"Not really J. your just copying letters and words."
"Yea, but my hand has to take a lot of breaths to do it all."


Pictures from Maple Valley Farm

Deer comes for a visit.

                                          Out building at the farm

                                         Ladies in waiting...for the hay ride!

                                          Hay Ride

                                          Lunch, isn't it beautiful?
                                         Homemaker Ang and myself

Maple Valley Farm Visit

We had a WONDERFUL time at the farm with Homemaker Ang and her family. I am such a nerd. I was just so excited to meet her and go to the farm. We did a cheese class in the morning, had a hay ride, ate lunch and then did a soap class in the afternoon. There were five of us (one drove up from Kentucky !?!?! and spent the night in the off grid cottage just to do these classes) in the cheese class and then 7 more women joined us for lunch and the second class. One of them was doing a story for a Grand Rapids Women's magazine, and two of the were from the West Michigan Tourist Association(?). If you ever get the opportunity to be in Michigan, make it a point to join them at the farm for a day(or two)! The whole thing was just very peaceful and very homey. Angie is a wonderful hostess. You should have seen her serving all twelve of us and getting her family their lunch at the same time, her kids helped out a ton. 

All of her children were amazing! One thing that struck me was here she …

Maple Valley Farm

I am SO excited!!! Today 2 friends and I are going to Maple Valley off-grid farm to meet Homemaker Ang and her family!!! We are taking 2 classes and having lunch on the farm. If you want to check out her amazing site go here I am taking my camera and plan on taking lots of pictures! More to come on this amazing experience~~