Maple Valley Farm Visit

We had a WONDERFUL time at the farm with Homemaker Ang and her family. I am such a nerd. I was just so excited to meet her and go to the farm. We did a cheese class in the morning, had a hay ride, ate lunch and then did a soap class in the afternoon. There were five of us (one drove up from Kentucky !?!?! and spent the night in the off grid cottage just to do these classes) in the cheese class and then 7 more women joined us for lunch and the second class. One of them was doing a story for a Grand Rapids Women's magazine, and two of the were from the West Michigan Tourist Association(?). If you ever get the opportunity to be in Michigan, make it a point to join them at the farm for a day(or two)! The whole thing was just very peaceful and very homey. Angie is a wonderful hostess. You should have seen her serving all twelve of us and getting her family their lunch at the same time, her kids helped out a ton. 

All of her children were amazing! One thing that struck me was here she was doing classes and feeding people and their kids were all around either helping out or just being a part of....I love that! Biblically we are to train up our children and they are doing that in so many ways. They are celebrating two years on the farm today and just seeing them you would think they had done it for a lifetime.

There were "quirky" things I noticed, such as how quiet it is without electricity. There is no background noises, or humming that you would have with electronics or appliances.

I came home refreshed and renewed. Thank you to Angie and the family for their hospitality and for sharing their home and knowledge.  You are a breath of fresh air!

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