Crisp Michigan Mornings

Well I think it is officially time to get out the hat and mitten bucket here.  The last two mornings have been COLD.  We haven't gotten any snow yet, but they say there is a chance on Friday.  Things have been busy here and I wish I could say it was doing things here, but it seems the last few weeks have been spent just
"doing".  I always start to re-evaluate the stuff we are doing and wonder if a lot of it is worth the time we put into it.  With the holidays quickly approaching I am hoping to get all of us into a mood of thankfulness for what we have and get out of the rut of what we want or need.  Of course I have to get to the front of the line for that one:)  I am my own worst enemy some days.  The turkeys are getting nice and big and I think we are almost to the point for the hens to start laying, which is what we hope for.  I have one angora rabbit that is due either today or tomorrow.  That is the beauty of breeding angoras, it is almost always 30 or 31 days so we are prepared.  I still am longing (and doing my share of hinting with hubby) for Pygora goats this coming spring.  These animals would be two-fold as they are fiber animals, but they also give milk, which means fiber for spinning, and milk for cheese and soap (which I am making on a regular basis now).  Last Friday I took some time just for me, which can be almost impossible some days, and actually left the house to go and spin with Maple at North Star Alpacas.  She is a wonderful person and so full of knowledge.  If you are a spinner, knitter, crocheter, or just all-around fiber freak you can find her shop here:  I brought her some angora to use and she ended up spinning it with three other fibers from farms here in Michigan and "promoting" me in her shop!  She called it "Michigan Luxury Batts" and it looks like it already sold!  I will be doing a small craft show on Saturday, and with Maple's help I have some ideas for my etsy shop.  I continue to hope that I can at least start funding some of my passions.  I will leave you with some pictures taken here this week! Blessings!

 Sunrise on a cold morning

 Frost on the flowers
Frozen water buckets...ugh!

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