Goodwill Shopping

I read somewhere the other day that shopping at stores like Goodwill and buying items used is the new "cool".  I don't think five or ten years ago this would have been the case.  I can remember back to a time when buying used just wasn't something that a person talked about!  I have been on a mission the last month or two to see how much is possible to buy at stores like this.  I am proud to say that I have done quite well too.  I have re-stock our constantly growing "brood" of five kids with some pretty nice clothing.  I have found items with the tags still on.  I have purchased expensive, brand name clothing for $2.99 or less.  I purchase an expensive winter coat for my daughter for less than $5.00. I am excited!  It has become a challenge for me to see what I can find used.  The only disappointment I have had so far has been a $5.99 VCR that did not work.  That is when you need to be careful to look over the items really well, as I have come home realizing that I purchased a shirt with a rip in it or stain that won't come out.  We also do our part to donate all of our out-grown or un-used items right back to these places, so the circle can continue.  These are some of our latest finds:

 I collect old wooden files boxes (don't ask, I think it may be the wannbe librarian coming out in me:) this cost me a whole whopping $0.99!
I paid $9.99 for the rocking chair!!!  It is so comfortable, once I sat in it, I was hooked.

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