Tis' The Season

Well, it is official, Christmas music is on the local radio stations, and XM started their stations today, so now I can listen without guilt!  I LOVE Christmas music.  I could listen in July if my family would let me.  I don't know what it is but it just comforting to have Christmas music playing in the background even if there isn't snow on the ground (or in the air even) yet.  There is always a lot going on around here, but as the holidays come up fast, I am putting in my heels and hoping for some simplicity this year as I do every year.  Homemaker Ang at http://eclecticculturefarm.blogspot.com/  has a great post on what are we going to do to make changes to make a difference in how we live.  She has a  whole lot more to say too (add applause here:))

I think this is one of the things that I continue to work on in our family.  We are far from being where I would love to be, but we have done the basics.  We have not had cable or satellite in years (and yes we are still okay), we don't watch a lot of t.v. anyways so that helps.  Our kids don't all have cell phones, as I would have to go back to work just to be able to afford this.  We have one cell phone that our oldest uses as he has become a driver this year and does a lot of running for us.  He doesn't have his own car, and probably won't until he can afford this himself.  He is not suffering one bit from these choices.   I love Homemaker Ang's post right now because she is talking about some "insignificant" things that I love to hear about.  She talks about how they save money on things like skin care, and other things like this.

We have some really big things happening in our family right now.  I won't go into details yet and may not on some of them.  One of these is going to affect our family in a big way, but we are being led by God in this and feel that we can't continue doing what we are doing in some things.  The other biggie has to do with our "farm".  If this one happens I will be sharing!!!!! 

As I post right now I am listening to my Hubby's Blog Talk radio show, Christian Devotions Speak Up!  He has Ginny Dent Brant on tonight.  She has an awesome story.  Her dad was one of President Nixon's closest aides and was there during Watergate, but not involved.  He was one of two people who didn't go to prison for this.  If you want to listen to some really neat history go and listen to the show that will continue to stream in the archives at www.christiandevotions.us

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