Baby it's Cold Outside!!!!

We had temperatures in the 40's on Saturday, this morning the temp. is -11!  We had a winter storm watch on Saturday night with predictions of 1-3 inches during the night and another 2-4 inches on Sunday.  Well, in our neck of the woods in Michigan that could mean anything.  The lakes have quite an effect on what kind of weather we seen in the middle of the mitt.  Yesterday morning we woke up to a dusting and I was disappointed! (I love the snow~)  By 9a.m. the winter storm watch turned into a warning a we were hit big time.  We had to do some major animal shuffling to make sure everything was safe and somewhat warm.  The turkeys were the most difficult, as they love to roost in high places and to get them under cover and out of the elements is almost impossible.  We will be switching water bottles every few hours for the rabbits today so they don't go without fresh water.  We are doing a slow down week for school this week, which means working on music for everyone, baking, Christmas stories and some unit study things for the younger ones.  The girls have their first choir concert tonight (hopefully) and Nolan has his student piano recital on Friday and then we are off for the year!!  We have 5 music teachers this year!  The kids and I made these adorable ornaments this weekend.  They were so fun, quick and easy.  I am thinking you could make all kinds of special ones depending on what kind of scrapbooking paper you can find.  We bought empty bulbs, sheets of scrapbook music paper and cut it into strips and filled the bulbs with it.  They turned out so cool.

Music teacher ornament
 Backyard view
ice on the trees
 Decorating Christmas Tree
 Christmas card photo, check out the youngest's smile....ugh!
My wheel is getting some serious spinning time in right now creating!

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