The Ultimate Bad Day

Yep, I finally had it.  I am usually known for being fairly organized and put together.  With 5 kids, homeschooling, trying to manage a (very) small farm and home business, and a wonderful Hubby who provides for us, I have to have it all together.  Well, all of that went down the tubes yesterday.  I had the worst day of the year (or at least it felt like it) and as bad days go for some people, this was pretty mild.  I am a women who juggles many balls in the air (like most) and usually does a pretty good job with it.  Hubby is not well known around these parts as having a good all.  I have heard horror stories from his mom when he was growing up, like the time as a boy that he left his wallet, in a hotel Boston.  There are many stories like that and the day I married him I took the reins as Keeper of the Home, literally.  I know his mom was relived to let that one go.  I have an oldest son, who is now following in his fathers footsteps in so many ways and this is one of them.  So I have had to add Eldest to my "brain list" of keeping track of the important stuff.

Our youngest has been sick most of the week and I was finally able to get him into the doc's yesterday afternoon.  First I had to go to Lansing for 2 orthodontist appointments for the girls in the morning.  I decided I would stop at Target and get a couple of things before heading home to do lunch and then off to the next appointment.  I got all the way home (about a 30 min. drive) and the minute I walked through the door I knew I was missing something.  That something would be my purse!!!  In all the years I have never, ever, left anything like that anywhere.  Hence the start of my horrible, terrible, no good, really bad day (don't you love that book?).  I had 1 hour before youngest son's appointment, I threw him in the car and headed back to Lansing.  I had to, all my cash, phone, license and health insurance cards were needed.  The roads here are still not completely cleared from the snow storm so I had to deal with that too. 

Thankfully someone (thank you! whoever you are) was honest and turned in my purse, from the cart....out in the parking lot!!!  I called the doc's and told them I was running a little late from the last appointment (okay I fibbed a little, my emotions weren't ready to explain I had forgot the purse) and we headed back to town.  We made it to the appointment just a bit late and wait patiently, thankful for some time to breath.

Now, our son has some asthma issues and I was certain they would say that is what it was, refill his nebulizer meds and send us on our merry way.  Boy was I off, come to find out he has pneumonia (insert bad mom intuition here) so after the shock, getting the prescriptions, directions, and getting him something to eat, I ran him home to stay with the Eldest to quickly run to Wal-mart (silly me I should know never to put the words "quickly" and "Wal-mart" together) get the meds, some popsicles and get home.  I was happy when the lady said about 1/2 hour to get the meds filled, they never are that quick.  I went and got food for sickie and something for dinner (I hadn't even thought about it yet) and I hear my son's name announced over the speaker, (by this time the 1/2 hour was up).  Come to find out the dosage was off and they couldn't get through to the office to get it change, with a cart full of food I did the only thing I could, wait.

In the midst of waiting I ran into a dear lady from our previous church, who wanted to talk about why we hadn't been there recently.  It took all I had in me not to break down right there in the middle of the jewerly department of Wal-mart (that would have been the icing on the cake).  I did my best to explain it to her and she gave me a big huge and I went on my merry way back to the pharmacy and check out.  I made it home, got Youngest situated, made calls to cancel all the girls that were planning on coming to our annual gingerbread house making party that was scheduled for today, and crashed.

I am thankful for God's grace to give me a new day today, and to write this post and laugh as I do.  I also realize that compared to others in the world today, my day yesterday wasn't so bad.

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