'fess up Friday

Dalyn over at http://muckbootsnaprons.blogspot.com is doing a giveaway to CSN stores for $55.  If you would like to be a part of it go to her blog and follow the directions.

As I am thinking about this, she is probably the very first blog I fell in love with (if that is possible) I remember her and her family were in a write up in a magazine and I was intrigued with her lifestyle.  Even today when I talk about the "goat chick" here at home (yes, I talk about my blog friends)  everyone knows who I am talking about!!

Now on to the fess-up part...This one isn't hard after my last post.  I am struggling through winter and homeschooling right now and thinking how much simpler life would be if all 5 were in school...only for a split second!! Then I realize how blessed I am, but right now it is still a struggle.  It is one of those things, wouldn't trade it for the world, but some days life would be easier:))

Now it's your turn go to her blog and follow the directions for the give away!

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