Long Winter

Bailey and I on a cold winter's walk.  This is what I do for my
own "time-out"...one was severely needed on my part this week.
Do you ever get the feeling that we as moms are sometimes the cause of the "bad house attitude"?  I have had one of those weeks.  I feel like I am just barely keeping my head above water.  We all go through these times.  We have had a severe cold snap here in Michigan the last few weeks.  For the first time in the 3 or 4 years that I have had my Expedition, I saw -14 on the in car thermometer leaving for church last weekend.  Now that is cold.  The negative temperatures along with the never-ending plague have caused some major attitudes in our home.  I am thankful that God gives me a fresh slate everyday and the ability to ask for forgiveness not only from Him, but also from my kiddos. 

I find myself at this time of year wondering how well they are doing in school and second guess my abilities to teach them what they need.  The question becomes, "What do they need?"  Do I need to judge what we do by the list of "government classes" they need to have?  Or is it enough to give them biblical truths, teach them awesome character (which is a skill I am lacking at this time:)) let them be able to work on their gifts and know that everything else will fall into place.  We have been witness to a lot of kids who have succeeded in the public school realm, have a 4 year college degree that cost them (or mom and dad) twice as much as our first house mortgage, and yet there are so many who are just lost and living a dreary life that I don't want for my kids.  The comment we have heard lately is we are sheltering our kids.  If making sure they are staying out of trouble, knowing where they are at all times, knowing who they are with, teaching them right from wrong, training them up and the hundreds of other things I do in a day, then I am guilty as charged.  I am okay with that.  It is called being a parent, think what would happen in our world if more people became one.

Off my soapbox.  Tomorrow is the big day!  Yes, we are finally going to pick up our three goats!  I am very excited, but my nervousness about "one more thing" is drowning that out.  I think hubby is just as excited as I am.  I am sure by next week we will have some goat "tails" to tell. 

I set a goal for myself with my etsy site to create and post one new item a week. I was surprised and excited when I was able to get two new things in the shop yesterday. 

I am working on some "articles" to post here about our choices to raise angora rabbits and how that works. I have had some requests in the past to do that and haven't yet!  I am also thinking about teaching some classes here at the farm, but am struggling with the who, what and whys.  There is a lot of weird knowledge stuffed in my brain like soap making, cheese making, bread making, how to spin, how to knit, how to crochet, how to can and I am sure I can come up with a couple more.  The question becomes how to share that information.  I always have struggled with charging people, (that is probably why I don't have a lot of sales on etsy:)) but I realize that many people would like to learn this skills and there aren't any classes close by that they can learn these skills from.  So we shall see.

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