Tail Spin Farm in Pictures

I have been inspired by fellow bloggers like Terri at Our Crazy Farm and Jenna at Cold Antler Farm who put a ton of beautiful pictures on their blog. My Dad is an awesome photographer and my Mother-in-love owns her own photography studio, I thought it was time to step up to the plate. We have been in the midst of "The Plague 2010" for the last four weeks. I am still feeling lousy, but sometimes there is nothing better than to go out in the morning, with a fresh layer of snow, to do chores and take some photos. That is exactly what I did this morning.

Sunday night supper

 Clean coop for the chickens to start out the new year
 One of the girls
 There is nothing better than getting eggs this fresh...at least for me:)
 More girls
 Outside in the snow
 Tom turkey
 Turkeys are very curious creatures
 Our heritage breed turkey Christmas dinner...before
 After and no this is not one in the pictures above!
 Our decked out Christmas table
 Joshua's quilt from Grandma Joyce.  Now all of the kids have one from her.
 My new "barn boots"
 The boys.  The tall one is the Eldest's friend that spent a week of his college break with us.  You can see from Eldest's expression that he was not happy to see him leave that day:(

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