Things are looking bright!

Well it looks like "the plague" is finally coming to an end here.  I am starting to feel human again and getting things done that have been pushed to the side the last week.  One good thing that came from me being sick was that we are in the process of getting bids to have our kitchen remodeled.  How did that happen?  Well after two days of poor hubby having to be in the kitchen doing meals and dishes (he was on vacation from his day job) he came to the conclusion that the kitchen was in such horrible shape that we really needed something done with it.  Two days later I had a contractor asking me what I want done!!  If I would have known that was all it would take I would have played sick years ago:))  LOL  I have been teasing Hubby about this for a couple of days, but in all seriousness, we have some major sink and floor issues with some water damage that just gets worse.  I kept telling him one of these days he is going to find me in the basement doing dishes from the floor dropping out from under me.  We are justifying the expense on this one, because I spend probably about 75% of my day in that room.  I cook most of our meals from scratch, can, make cheese, bake all of our bread and bake goods, make soap etc.   When we moved here almost ten years ago, we knew that the kitchen was in desperate need of renovating.  I am really excited because I think we are going to "open" up some walls in this old farmhouse and breathe some new life into the kitchen and dinning room!!

To top off my day yesterday, we found out that we can have my goaties!!!!  Hubby contacted the local MSU extension, and there are some sort of "farm acts" that supersede all county rules.  We just have to fill out some paper work, and put together a "manure management plan" (never thought I would ever be excited about that;)) and have it on file with the extension office.  So my small fiber farm dream is quickly becoming a reality!  I can't wait to see what else 2011 has in store for us!

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