First, let me start this post with how much I love my Hubby.  He truly works hard to make my jobs around here much easier.  With that being said there have been times when his brilliant ideas have turned into major headaches for me (and him) hence this post.  A few years back he decided to make my laundry job a lot easier and invested in a commercial size washing machine.  This was all wonderful and good, (hence the love for my Hubby), but we found out shortly after we got it that the really big, cool, washing machine, had a really big, not-so cool, computer for a brain and did really weird stuff.  I would really love to talk to the brilliant minds at the washing machine design shop (whose name shall remain nameless), as to why they put a "suds detection" error on any washing machine that will stop the load instantly, or a code that is for when "it" is just feeling out of sorts and not draining as quick as the computer thinks it should, so it too will stop the load.  My favorite one so far is the design that allows clothing (yes, full pieces of clothing) to get sucked into the draining line and stuck in the machine, shutting it down until dear hubby is able to tear the thing apart once more to get it out.

I am pretty sure I have now solved the age old question of "what happened to the other sock?" and I have photo proof for all of you who might not believe me.  This is what Hubby pulled out of the drain hose tonight:

This is...was at one time, somebody's ummmmm "unmentionables".  Hubby just had the washer torn apart a couple of days ago because of a coin going through the same opening.  By the looks of this, it has gone through a few loads.

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