Purging and Winter Storm

I woke up this morning with the intentions of staying in my PJ's all day and maybe tomorrow.  Let me explain, I usually would NEVER do this, but the last few weeks we have been in constant motion.  The "sickness" bug has hit us again and now we have strep throat in the house.  I have boasted about how healthy all five of our kids have been in the past.  Not this year, it has been the worst.  We cancelled our usual church meeting for Sunday morning due to illness in hopes of purging all of it.

I went to the basement this morning to look for Canadian bacon in our chest freezer and found out that our freezer wasn't working.  So there goes the great dream of sitting and correcting school work to whatever PBS had on.  Hubby and Eldest went to purchase a new freezer (an upright one at my request) and the Next and I spent the morning "purging" the basement.  This is something I truly admire in my second oldest, he does NOT like clutter at all, even if it means him working by himself to take care of it.

We decided since we had to make a path for the old to go out and the new to come in, we might as well get rid of all the stuff in the way.  I am so ashamed at how much we truly have, and got rid of.  We are so blessed and are truly lacking for nothing, so my only hope is that someone will be blessed by all the stuff we are getting rid of.

I can't tell you how freeing it is.  Even though the basement still needs to be finished and our garage is FULL of stuff to go to Goodwill, the house feels clean.

I can't wait to finish it out and get all the stuff out of the garage, but for now this is really all I needed to get out of my funk.

I haven't showered today, the  kids have been watching videos all evening, and I didn't even fix a real dinner tonight (just popcorn and ice cream:)) but I realize it is all okay and I can let go and realize what a great day it has been.

It has been very spring like and beautiful this week in Michigan, of course in February that is very short lived.  They are predicting 6-8 inches of snow to start tomorrow...we can't win on everything!

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