Turkey Pullets!!!!

Last year hubby and I invested in 15 heritage breed turkeys with the intentions of breeding them and then selling the turkeys...somehow:))  We butchered the breed that seemed to not do so well in our cold area and kept the Royal Palms and the Narrangansett.  One Tom and 3 or 4 hens.  I am not sure how to go about advertising these or marketing them, but I need to think fast, because we have eggs in the incubator!!!!  I just got the first Narrangansett, and we have 2 of the Royal Palms.  Any ideas?  I know that these birds are actually on some list of  "very few left" list.  I don't know if they qualify for endangered species or what.  I am hoping we are able to hatch out the eggs that we get though....I never thought in all my life I would be a turkey farmer though.

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