The view from my window

This picture doesn't do it justice, but we woke up to ice this morning!  What a mess, although we had a winter storm warning with the forecast of 2-4 inches, we haven't gotten it yet!  This winter has definitely been the most challenging in many years.  I am not sure if it is because of the weather or if because we add more animals (turkeys and goats are new for us).  The turkeys have been the most challenging.  They really are dumb animals.  We have them in two pens because we are trying to keep them true to their breeds and not mix.  They have shelter to go under, but they prefer to roost on top of it!!  I was out at 6 this morning with hubby trying to get them off the top and under the cover, it didn't last long though and they were back out in the elements! ugh!  I am going to appreciate spring weather so much this year.

We have been waiting for our kitchen designs to be done, and tomorrow night we meet with the builder to see what he has in mind!  We are both really excited, he had some ideas that we really didn't even consider and so we are anxious to see the plans and get started!  I am hoping he doesn't have a waiting list and will be able to start soon.  I gave the kids the heads up this morning that we will probably have a few weeks of paper plate meals and lots of sandwiches!  We have never had a major remodel done like this so I am not sure what to expect.  I am looking forward to getting it going and done though!  We knew 10 years ago when we moved here that the kitchen would need an major overhaul eventually, especially for our big family and all the food I make.  So excited!

If you are up for a challenge in your faith walk go to Terri's blog and the post here  she has a long post on the celebration of her son Trent's life with pictures.  I have been challenged by many of her posts lately (in a good way) and this one is been the hardest.  She shares some very personal things that we all need to consider.  It has made me re-think the idea of the death of our earthly bodies.  I had a near death experience, that actually brought me to my faith in Christ.  I have known since then that there is something beyond this life.  She and her husband have been able to use their son's death to share this with others in an amazing way.  P.s. have a box of kleenex close.

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