Farm Life

Well the goat barn and pasture is up, fenced and being used!  It is so nice to have it all done.  It was snowing here again today.  I am really looking forward to some warmer weather but it doesn't look like it is too quick in coming.  The baby bunnies are doing great and growing fast.  I have been able to do some spinning today.   It seems like it has been ages since sitting down to do that.  This next week will be spent packing up our kitchen and dining rooms.  The cupboards which were supposed to take up to 4 weeks to get here, end up coming in about 2 !!!  Which is great and we get the project started sooner.  The builder isn't going to start tearing out until everything has a delivery date, so that we won't be misplaced as long.  This is the biggest house project we have ever done in our 19+ years of marriage...things will be interesting!

Girls and I on a walk down to the neighbors
 Youngest helping with the gates inside the goat pen

 The new additions, they are 5 days old!  Aren't they beautiful?  These are all for the intention of selling...but do you see the black and chocolate ones?  If they stay those colors, they will be staying here at the farm! 
 Too Sweet!

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