Home Ec 101 ~ Homeschool Style

I am continually amazed at how much my daughters can do in the kitchen.  They both can whip up a "mean" loaf of homemade bread, by themselves, cook complete meals along with desserts (I usually skip that when I cook) and know their way around the kitchen at 14 years and 12 years old, better than what I did in my mid-twenties.

This week they (along with help from our 9 year old son who also like to cook)  made homemade cheese-its from Farm Girl Cyn here http://cindy50.blogspot.com/  Cindy wasn't kidding when she said these were awesome!  We ate the entire batch in about 5 minutes.  They were soooo good, especially straight from the oven.  We will be making many more batches, only triple...or may quadruple the batch:))

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