Michigan Homeschoolers

I have mentioned a couple of times here that Hubby is a host for the Blog Talk radio program Christian Devotions Speak Up!  With homeschooling near and dear to our hearts, he was able to interview Mike and Kim Winter last night on his show.  They are the couple responsible for putting together the Michigan INCH Homeschooling conference coming up May 20-21 here in Lansing.  The Christian Devotions team will be at this years conference, teaching and training writing skills to homeschooling families.  Also at the conference this year will be the keynote speaker Dr. Voddie Baucham, who is AWESOME and Eric and Leslie Ludy, who I was recently introduced to.  Just these three speakers alone are worth the price of admission! 
You can check out Speak Up! on the media player on my sidebar here.  Mike and Kim were on last night, the Ludy's were on last week, and Voddie was on his show last February.  All of the Christian Devotion radio shows are archived so you can listen to any or all!  Hubby does an amazing job as host...and I am not just saying that because he is my Hubby~  You can also check out the INCH (Information Network for Christian Homes) at http://www.inch.org/

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