Money Pit

Well Hubby and I have given the final thumbs up for the start of our kitchen/dining room remodel!  Hopefully in about 6 weeks a huge part of our house will be brand new!  We watched the movie Money Pit a couple of weeks ago, just to get us in the mood:))  We live in an older farm house that has been "pieced" together over the years, a porch here, a bedroom there.  The biggest addition was done about 20 years ago when the owners added a family room and a new upstairs with more bedrooms.

The deeper we got into our remodel, the more we found out we would need to update some of the electrical, which added some unexpected money to the final bill.  We are ok with this (now) because we are planning on being here for awhile.  We are still curious how much others "things" are going to come into play as they start knocking down walls and pulling up floors.  One of the jokes around here is that one day they are going to find me in the basement doing dishes, because the floor finally gave out (we have some major floor issues in our kitchen).  I cook 90% of all our food here, and with being a home school family that means 3 meals a day for all of us.  We don't take fancy vacations, or go out to eat much at all, so we have decided just to bite the bullet and do this.  I am so thankful that we are able to finally do this project.  I am hoping to teach some classes here, and these new rooms will make a huge difference.  Our house is fairly small for a family of seven, about 1500 sq. ft., and not an open floor plan at all.  We are going to open up two rooms and it will be a huge change.  I will keep you posted with pictures on the progress!

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