Well Old Man Winter just is not ready to leave Michigan yet.  They are predicting some snow possible tonight and that doesn't surprise me at all!  19 years ago this weekend Hubby and I were married (WOW where does time go?) and I woke up on the morning of my spring wedding to 9" of snow, due to a storm that moved in through the night.  Of course that didn't affect the best day of my life!

The girls have friends over tonight, and I have come to the conclusion that girls are much, much louder than boys.  Boys are more busy, but girls, LOUD.  I spent the evening outside enjoying the semi-warm weather and watching my boys play Frisbee and my goats dancing(?)(yes, goats dance I have decided), because Hubby "let them out to play".  Too funny, I never thought I would see goats in my yard, let alone Hubby enjoying them too.  Life is funny that way.

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