Yarn and Bunnies

I have been able to spend a little extra time spinning this week and have three new skeins done.  I will be doing a local craft show in May, so I am trying to build up my stock!  The younger kids and I took a trip to Hickory Lane Farm to visit Kathy and to pick up one of her last English Angoras before she gets out of the bunny business!  She has been doing it a long time and has some beautiful angoras.  We have three that we purchased from her about four years ago.  In an outdoor angora life, that's pretty good!  We picked out a black one and youngest named her Kairi.  She is sweet and sitting in daughters lap in our living room as I type, she is going to get spoiled fast!  The baby bunny liter is doing well and growing fast.  We did lose three of the nine, but the six remaining are beautiful.  I was able to leave mama in with them (she is one of my best mama's) and they are FAT!  She is taking really good care of them.

It looks like the official kitchen/dining room remodel begins the end of next week with the walls getting torn out.  We will spend the weekend finishing packing up and then let the fun begin.  I don't function well in clutter, and my "kitchen" will be spread between the living room and our bedroom, so this will be interesting.

The weather is the usual, horrible, I am battling sinus issues and headaches in the midst of trying to function.  Warm sunny weather will be so much more appreciated when it gets here...if it does.

Angora yarn (the middle one is angora/Romney blend)

Living the good life...that is one fat bunny!

 Kairi, our newest black English Angora addition

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