Construction - Day 11

What was supposed to last 3-4 days is now on day 11.  We are hopeful this week we will start to see our new rooms take shape.  We have run into make issues that were not expected, like the second story addition not sitting on load bearing walls on the first floor.  Floor and walls that are really, really, un-level, and my favorite so far has been finding out that our furnace/hot water heater pipe that goes up to the roof was never really attached and locked together when they put it in 20 years ago.  Which means we have had exhaust fumes being blown into the attic!  Our builder has been amazing and has done a great job with all the road blocks.  This week we should see electrical done, plumbing done, and insulation start to go long as nothing else goes wrong.

I said from the beginning this was going to be a character building experience for me, and boy or boy has it ever.  I am not necessarily a "clean freak", I don't dust...much and usually would rather be outside doing something than scrubbing the bathroom, but I don't function well in clutter.  We are living, eating, schooling and hanging out in our living room.  That has been tough on me.  I can't complain, when all of this is finally done, we will have AMAZING new spaces and rooms that we have never had.  Hopefully the putting back together is quicker and more rewarding!

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