Off Grid Farm Trip

In the last five weeks our remodel project has been a nightmare (yes we are still without floors and walls:)), living out of coolers, cooking and living in our family room,  had wonderful guests stay with us for five days last week (and they still love us:)), had a booth at the Michigan INCH Homeschool conference and helped hubby while he taught workshops there, finished off homeschool music with two nights full of concerts last week (in the midst of remodel, guests, and INCH) and to top it off my Mom is still in the hospital after 4 1/2 weeks and I have been running back and forth to be with her.... I need a break.  My wonderful Hubby, for my 40th birthday in February, surprised me with a 1 night stay with Matt and Angela at the Maple Valley off-grid cottage

We are leaving today!  I am so excited.  I had visited there last fall to take a couple of classes, they are about an hour and a half north of us.  I hope to return renewed and refreshed.  I hope to not feel the need to cut the electricity in our new kitchen (because that is the only thing that is done:)) and go off grid.  I am sure Hubby is concerned about this, as he never knows what I might think of next!!

I will post lots of pictures and stories later this weekend!

Sidebar:  Our builder has been awesome, wonderful and marvelous!  He is trying to fix things that we dangerous and wrong from additions to our home before we owned it.

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