Friday on the Farm

What miserable weather we have had this week!  Although in the midst of it we were able to get a lot done.  The rabbit/goat barn was cleaned and rearrange this week to accommodate new bunnies.  The chicken coop got a good cleaning yesterday with new bedding.  Our new bunnies are doing well and I think are a little more relaxed today.  I will be moving them into the bigger cage today.

Our new rooms are drywalled and are being sanded today, so painting can start.  We have a busy weekend planned.  We are meeting with three families tonight who are interested in attending our home church.  Tomorrow I am hoping to start painting.  Our two oldest sons have been gone since Sunday to a two week music tour with a local christian college.  The kick off concert is Sunday night, then our two boys, plus their two roommates will be staying here with us for the night.  They have a big week of travel next week and then close out the tour next Friday night.  I am trying to find Joy in everything right now, as it is so easy to let life weigh me down right now.  So here is my "Count it ALL Joy!" list:

1.  My Mom is hopefully moving to rehab on Monday (yes, she is still in the hospital and this one has been hard to stay joyful with!)
2.  There are walls in our new rooms that will be ready for paint this weekend!!!!
3.  I get to paint...OK I know this is pushing it, but I am excited because this is one step closer to being done!
4.  I get to see my boys Sunday after not seeing them for a week!
5.  Once the walls are painted the wood floors go in!!!
6.  Once the wood floors are in the cupboards come in!!!!!
7.  Everyone is healthy
8.  I finished a crochet project that I started over a year ago...I know!
9.  It's supposed to stop raining next week:))
10.  I have the best Hubby in the world!

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