Kitchen Remodel Day 40

The remodel has been slow to say the least.  We are finally starting to see some progress this week.  The base floors are almost done.  The electric was done yesterday.  Prior to the remodel our dining room had NO lighting other than table lamps.  The last picture here shows the ceiling, and all the recessed lighting we are putting in!  We are getting closer to the end now and I think we will see some dramatic differences next week.  The insulation goes in next, then drywall, painting (which we are doing ourselves to save some money), wood floors (also we  are doing) and then cupboards and appliances.  The last few days have been difficult for our family (we almost lost my Mom, she is doing amazing now) and this remodel just keeps dragging on.  Even Hubby, who is usually much less "high strung" than I am with this kind of stuff, is getting frustrated.  I have learned a couple of lessons through this whole process: 1.  Life continues even when you don't have a kitchen 2.  I will never remodel anything again 3.  There is nothing better than homemade bread 4.  Things never go the way you plan them too 5. #1 God is still good! 6.  This kitchen will be better than what we could have ever hoped for...if it ever gets done!

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