Tuesday on Tail Spin Farm

The first day of summer is upon us and we have been busy today!  I did some angora fiber dying this morning.  The kids and I were finally able to get into the gardens around the house without getting into any workers way and got those mostly done today. 

We finally are seeing our new rooms comes together and actually have walls!!  The drywall is almost done and then I can start painting and then Hubby will be helping get the wood floors in!  I am so excited.  I feel like I have been in "layover" mode the past month.  I haven't had a kitchen to do anything thing in and even room to do some of the stuff I enjoy isn't available right now until we can get everything back into place.  I hope the next pictures I post will actually be almost finished rooms, and soon!

Bright blue angora fiber
Dinning room
 Kitchen...can't you just see the counters, and the new sink under that window?!?!?
 The spare room.
 Flower bed by house
 Kayla's garden.  We started this about 5 years ago, Kayla took it over the last couple and this year it is really beautiful.

Wisteria and the willow arbor that Kayla and I worked on this year, right behind it you can see our little goldfish pond!
 Bek's cast...4-5 more weeks:))

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