Nature Walk Wednesday

I am trying hard this year to keep Wednesdays open for our nature walks.  The two youngest and I made it out on  this dreary afternoon, before the rain started.  There is a lot of things turning yellow, but very few major color changes here this week.  Hubby and I leave to spend some time at Mackinaw Island on Sunday (yay me:)) and this will be the latest in the season that I have ever been that far north.  I am hoping for some wonderful color and some pictures to share when we return!

Corn still in the fields

A little bit of color

Youngest taking his own pics

Wild morning glory

Rocks!!! Youngest favorite

Flock of geese heading...southwest;)


Dead tree

Red dragon fly

Daughter collects bugs and flowers, not yougest....

He brings home "cool trees"

Climbing night shade

Wooly Bear without much black (?)

This is our backyard from the road and one of our GIANT Willows

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