Christmas Stockings

This pattern was passed down to me from Hubby's Grandma.   Grandma Mc. made these for years (way back into the 70's) and eventually the hand work in them got too much for her so she passed the pattern down to me.  I have made many of these over the last 10 years.  I have Grandma's handwritten list of all the ones she has made and when.  I wish I would have thought to be that diligent, but wasn't.  I still have some of Grandma's "customers" ordering them from me.  One lady in particular calls me with an order every time a family member is married or has a baby.  I think her entire extended family has these. 

If you would like to order one please e-mail me.  They are hand crocheted and sewn.  They make wonderful gifts for Christmas, weddings, or babies.  $65.00

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