Big News for Tail Spin Farm

When we turned this little farm into a "hobby farm" a few years ago we only wanted one thing...for it to at least pay for feed for the animals.  Well, it hasn't always done that, and I have often questioned if this is what I was supposed to be spending time and energy on.  Just when I think about selling all of my angoras and just being done, God opens doors.

My dream for my fiber farm (mainly angora rabbits) was to spin yarn to sell, create things to sell or sell the rabbits.  We have done a bit of all of this, but never much.  This week I was contact by a designer from New York, who has her own line of angora items.  She found me from our local harvest site, and she wants to purchase ALL of the yarn I can get to her to create her line with!!!!  This is exactly what I have always wanted (alright, I would rather have my own "line") and wanting to be wife, mom and homeschooler has to come first right now, so this is going to be a perfect fit for me!

I ship out my first order to her tomorrow.  I will be spinning away with the fiber I have on hand and what I can get from my rabbits.  She has made a name for herself and can sell items for so much more than I ever could.  So can I officially call myself a fiber artist????  I think so!!

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