Last night when my little kiddies should have been heading to bed we were outside playing in the snow!  We got dumped on here in mid-Michigan about 9-10 inches.  I took the camera out to play with some of the settings and to see what kind of neat pictures I could get.

I stood out in my yard and realized how different and beautiful everything looks in the snow.  It is so peaceful and serene. 

Now this morning doing chores in it wasn't so much fun, and we have some fences to repair because of the weight of the snow, but all is well with the animals.

I am just waiting for the questions to come at me "Do we get a snow day too?" as all the public schools are closed.  We will continue our work and take some extra time outside to play today!  Maybe this is incentive to get their work done a little quicker today.

There is a lesson in everything.

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