Upcoming Speak Up! Interview with Terri at Our Crazy Farm

I have mentioned quite often here about Hubby's "side job" in a ministry called Christian Devotions where he hosts a Internet Blog Talk radio show called Speak Up!  He has been able to interview and "meet" some very awesome people.  He is very good at what he does and has a very good stage presence when it comes to interviewing people.  Me, not so much.  This is WAY out of my comfort zone.  I did help him about a year and a half ago and co-hosted with him, but didn't say too much.

Why do I mention all of this?  Well I will be stepping WAY out of my comfort zone on November 29, because Scott is going to be interviewing a very dear "bloggy friend" Terry .  I know a lot of you know who she is, and the faith walk her and her family have taken the 10 months.  I will be joining Scott to interview Terri.  I think this interview will have a grand impact on a lot of people and I hope some of you will join us and see where God is leading this awesome family.

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