Look at what was waiting for me in the mailbox tonight!

I have been following and reading Jenna at Cold Antler Farm for a couple of years now.  I love what this young lady (she's in her 20's I'm not, she's young:)) has done and what she has to say.  I love that she is a fellow fiber nut, and that she has completely described me in the whole "sickness" of Barnheart.  She has created something that this entire nation needs to stand up and take a look at.  Getting back to the basics, buying local, and producing and creating more things ourselves.

I pre-ordered this book and got it autographed to boot!

I am especially excited to dig into this book with all the things we have happening with our little farm right now.  I heard from the designer that I sent my yarn off to today and I am now an "official supplier" for her boutique and line of items.  I have a little tweaking to do in my spinning method (we all have our different ways of doing it) and some color line matching that I need to work on, but it's official.  My first paying job in over 15 years and I am working from my home doing what I love!!!!  So I already have plans to increase our rabbit herd and re-do our barn to get it more rabbit cage friendly so I am able to do that.

I am excited to see what else God has in store for us in 2012~

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