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Our New Farm Logo

Isn't this cute?  My amazing and talented daughter created this for me to use for yarn labels and stickers.  I am so blessed to have such talented kids who are using their God-given gifts.  If anyone is interested in having something like this done for yourself and have an idea, get with me and K. can see if she can create something for you too!  She did this from "back-end" pictures we took of our animals this morning.  The animals weren't too happy to stand still but we got the pictures we needed!

Friday on the Farm

Look what was born on the farm this week!!  This is a tiny banty hen, the chick is even tinier, it is the cutest little thing!

Grooming Day

I spent most of last Saturday morning grooming rabbits.  Is it a tedious job?  Yes, but necessary when the weather is showing mid to upper 90's for most of the next 7 days.  It is funny to me when people hear you are from Michigan they think snow and cold.  Granted Michigan had the snowiest (is that a word?) winter that I can remember since I was a kid, this last year, but we also have some pretty hot summer weather too.  The mercury says 93 degrees right now and that is in the shade at 5:30 p.m.!  So most of the rabbits received a butch haircut from yours truly and some of them even got their nails done!  There are a couple of new rabbits here on the farm that really needed a manicure and I was able to do that too!

Homeschool Giveaway!

It is about this time of year where I am gearing up for our next homeschool year.  Go here to sign up for a great giveaway!!!

Bread on the Grill

The one thing that we have all missed during this remodel was so much the kitchen, but what came out of it.  I have been baking 99.8% of our bread for the last 15 years.  I have probably purchased it only a handful of times.  Homemade bread beats store bought bread hands down!  I have tried many different brands and kinds and they all just taste like cardboard to me.
We were supposed to have our stove hooked up Monday, and then Tuesday, and well...we hit some minor snags so the stove is still not hooked up.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I wanted fresh milled, homemade bread.  So I did what any desperate woman would do, I got creative!!  I had a cast iron bread pan and baked our bread in the grill today.  It turned out beautiful.  We had egg salad sandwiches (from our chickens), on homemade bread, and a salad taken right from our garden.  It was a great supper!


Owning Pygora goats has been a complete experiment for us.  I decided we would learn how to do all the shear and fiber processing on our own.  Claire is our older goat, who was sheared in late April, by yours truly:)  I then proceeded to wash and card her fiber this week and this is what I got:

I am sure this is not "professional grade" fiber, but I love the look of "homespun" and the imperfections.  To know that this was all created here on our farm.  To know how the animals are raised.  There is something to be said for homegrown products!


Paralyzed.  I am not talking about the physical kind, I am thinking of the mental kind.  I have felt this lately, paralyzed with a list that just keeps getting bigger.  Life that  happens even when you don't have time for the unexpected.  The last three months have been like this for me.  I am slowly coming out of it, but that doesn't stop the list from growing. 

I have chalked up the last three months as a character building time in my life.  House remodel that has taken much longer than expected, loved ones seriously ill in the hospital, baseball games that never end, end of the year school stuff that has to happen for the year to...well end!  Top that off with daily life still happening and I am tired!

I have learned a few things in my 9+ years of homeschooling.  There is a lot of good stuff out there, but every ones "good stuff" is the only stuff.  Let me give you an example, groups we join with meetings once or twice a week, practices once or twice a week, conc…

Angora Fiber

No, we don't have crazy blue bunnies being raised here on the farm!  But yes, this fiber is 100% hand made (or rabbit made) here on the farm!  It is hand dyed sapphire blue.  Don't you just want to run your fingers through it?  It is for sale on my etsy site.  (click on the esty side bar to see my shop~)

Before and After

This our kitchen before during and after.  It is not completely done yet, we have to wait for countertops and the electric isn't done yet, but we are so close.  I  can't even believe it is the same two rooms.  Look at how bright the new room is compared to the old ones!!