Character Flaws

Procrastination, n. A putting off to a future time; delay; dilatoriness.
Procrastinator, n. One that defers the performance of anything to a future time.

Yup, that's me.  If you looked this word up in the dictionary my picture would be there with the definition.  Now don't get me wrong, I do a lot in a day and get a lot done, but there are always those things that I put off.  Take for instance grading papers.  The thing I enjoy least about homeschooling is grading.  With five kids and oodles of papers to correct it just simply overcomes me some days.  This year is a bit easier with only four kids to grade and some things on the computer are graded automatically but still I procrastinate on this. 

I have had some grading to do since before Christmas break, yup 5 weeks ago.  It overwhelms me just to think about it.  This is another flaw I have, I try to remember everything that needs to be done and don't make lists.  Lists make my life easier, when I remember to do it.  I follow after my mom with this, we will both wake up during the night and "think".  I have started to put paper and pencil by my bed so that I can write things down when I do wake up and get them out of my mind.

Yesterday was my catch up day on all these things that clutter my brain.  Grading was on the top of that list.  I also had letters to write to our three sponsored children overseas, that too has been on the list since the beginning of December.  Guess how long these two things took to complete and get off the list?  About two hours.  That's it.  These two things have clogged and cluttered my brain for weeks and I got them complete in a couple of hours.  Sad.  I don't make resolutions because they usually don't last (ummm... wonder why:)) but I am going to try and change this bad habit this year and not allow it to control me.  I have enough going on in my brain without clutter.  I have a graduation to plan, classes to prepare and teach, yarn shop stuff to get done, animals to care for, kids to school and a house to run.  If I have to staple post-it notes to my shirt and tie a pen around my neck I am going to overcome this!

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