Well the cold and snow have finally hit us!  Right now it is especially cold (single digits!)  With the cold weather, comes a creative bug for me!  I have been spinning and crocheting the last week or so.  I was able to go last Saturday to a local yarn shop and meet in person, a dear blogging friend Cary and spin for a few hours!  It was so nice meeting other spinners!

I also have created two projects that I designed.  I needed a laptop case and a camera case.  After pricing these items and thinking the were outrageously priced for such ugly black, mass produced, made in China products, I decided to make them myself!

I have a lot of yarn...okay an unbelievable amount of stashed yarn. So I went through the buckets and found some for both projects. Here is what I can up with:

I love how they turned out!  I used double strand of heavy yarn, so that gives my laptop and camera a little added protection.  Cost:  my time and some leftover yarn from other projects!

This gives me an idea for a weekly post idea, I would like to see how much I can create at home with what I have, instead of running to the dreaded Wal-mart.  With the store only two miles from our home it can sometimes be too tempting for me just to run. 

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