For Peggy~Jeffery and Daisy

Last summer I was contacted by Peggy to see if I was able to adopt Jeffery and Daisy, her two English angora rabbits.  She wasn't able to keep them anymore due to her daughters allergies.  They came to the farm in June.  Peggy was devastated to have to let them go, but I promised I would keep her posted with them on the blog.

Here they are Peggy!  They are doing great.  Jeffery is as sweet as ever, and Daisy well, she tolerates me;) (she is sweet too, just not as much as him!)  I thought you might also like to know that all of their fiber is being spun into yarn and sent here: Ambika (although I think her site is being redone right now so you might have to check back later)  Ambika has a large collection of angora items in her boutique and Tail Spin Farm is a part of the co-op of women that supplies yarn and crochet talents to her!

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