Make It At Home~Apple Cider!

I have been fortunate to have Hubby's Grandma Joyce in my life.  I have acquired many skills from her and most of them are things that are becoming "lost arts" (like butchering chicken, yes, she still helps us do this!)  One of the things she taught me this last year was making apple cider at home.  There are only of couple of things that are needed.

Apples, these came from Mom and Dad Mc's tree's.  I have been research on how to store these through some of the winter.  Up until the last couple of weeks the kids have been eating them.  I think I figured it out!  They are just now showing signs of softness.  Yes, that is Bailey's nose in the picture, she has to be next to me all the time.

 A juicer.  Mine is a Power Juicer and works really well.
 A jar and some cheese cloth.  You will want to strain the cider a few times.
 YUMMY!  This gives us really good cider.  We live about 10 miles from one of the bigger cider mills in Mid-Michigan and I think this is even better and a lot cheaper!

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