College Visit

We are off tomorrow for a "mid-winter" break here at home and a bittersweet visit to Kentucky Christian University for a college visit for our oldest.  The saying that keeps popping into my mind is one I heard so often from my folks "I remember when I was your age" I never understood during my teens years how they remember being young, because they obviously weren't ever young!  I am the same age now that my mom was when I graduated.  I can remember graduating like it was yesterday, and here I am getting ready to send our oldest off to college.  What an odd feeling.  I can proudly say that we (only through God's graces) have successfully homeschooled one through high school, and we all survived and thrived!  Nolan blew away his SAT's and ACT scores.  He has been offered four (Yes, 4!!!!) full ride academic scholarships (none are very close to home;()  and he will go on next year to study music, which has been his passion for many years.  Next year will be different for all of us here.  We have spent 10+ years here everyday doing school.  Next year one flies the nest and it will effect us all. 

We are also attending a writer conference for Hubby in North Carolina this weekend.  We are staying at "The Cove" which is Billy Grahams retreat center down there.  I am looking forward to a break.  Along with a dreary, no snow winter, still comes some "cabin fever".  Our younger kiddos are going to stay with Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandma for the rest of the week. 

We have been without a family vehicle since early December when our Expedition breathed it last.  We have patiently (maybe not always) been waiting for the right vehicle to purchase that fit our needs.  We finally purchased one last week.  I am thankful to finally have a big vehicle back so that our family can travel together and not in two vehicles!

I am preparing to teach a drop spindle class in March at a local yarn shop, and I am really looking forward to this!  It will give me an opportunity to teach all these "lost arts" to others.

Winter has been strange here in Michigan this year and I don't think we are alone. I hung out laundry on the line yesterday. In Michigan. In February. Today it is snowing.

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