Friday on the Farm

We have another new addition to the farm this week thanks to my friend Hope at Briar Lane Rabbitry !  She dropped off the sweetest little French angora rabbit last night.  Meet "Tucker":

Hope breeds for show rabbits and I breed for fiber, so I am hoping to get some beautiful rabbits from our combinations!
Rooster and banty hen in barn

Above hen's eggs

Dark Cat in the barn...look closely

 Around the farmhouse
Antique table and suitcases from grandma Joyce
Antique blue Ball canning jars

The Robins are back!!!

We are studying Flight, this is son's glider he created for school

We continue to have strange weather here in Michigan.  Youngest and I were outside in the sunshine taking this pictures, a few minutes ago, and now as I write I am watching a snow squall outside the window!!  Next week we are supposed to have 50's and 60's all week long!

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