New Additions!!

Everyone who has farm animals know how they tend to multiply in numbers quickly.  When we started our little farm with chickens eight years ago we had no idea what was in store for us.  We had planned on getting one more pygora goat this spring to add to our spinner flock.  After Claire died a few weeks ago I thought about getting rid of all the animals...for a minute or two:)  We also saw the results of her death on our other two goats who both cried for a week afterwards.  We knew if we were going to keep them we wanted to get a couple more so that there was more of a herd out there (they are VERY social animals).

So the kids and I took a road trip/field trip to see Allison at  Great Lakes Pygoras and brought home not one, not two but FOUR new pygora goats (pygmy/angora) !!!!

So without further ado here are Alex, Fiona and her two sons (who will become wethers;)) Tripp and Tiberius (yes, those are Star Trek character names, and yes we named the boys, and yes I am a closet Trekky:))

Fiona on the left and Alex on the right

Fiona and baby

New and old getting along




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