Sun Porch Re-do

Our house remodel is almost complete now (yes, it has been a year!).  Our sun porch is attached to the part of the house that was redone and in the process it had a wall removed and put back up.  This wasn't finished until late fall so I have put off redoing this room until now.

The warm sunny weather has spurred on my "nesting phase" and I started working on it last week.  I wanted a warm yellow color in here.  The first paint I picked out looked like a school bus had crashed into the walls:))!  I choose another yellow, hoping that it would cover the first and look more like what I had in mind.  It isn't exactly what I wanted but it is close enough.  I don't enjoy the process of painting, but do love the finished product when it is done.

I used antique hankies from both our grandparents and put them into frames (they were just sitting in boxes and decided to use them!)  The curtains are aprons one from my grandma and one from Scott's.  I am now in search of 5 more to finish out the windows, these too were in boxes in my cedar chest taking up space.  The signs over the windows are antique crate sides from Grandpa Wayne when he owned a store way back when.  The only thing new in this room are the shelves.

Hubby has to help with a bench I am creating and then this room will be complete!  It is supposed to be in the high 70's most of this week, so we will get a chance to enjoy this room a lot. 

What nesting is taking place in your neck of the woods?

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