Tail Spin Farm Tuesday

Spring has really sprung in our neck of the woods!  We are expecting almost 90 degree temperatures the next two days!  In Mid Michigan!  In March!???  What is going on?  We are not complaining and are taking full advantage of the unseasonable beautiful weather.  The garden is being cleaned out along with the compost pile.  We have some beautiful black compost this year that we are passing off to friends and family to enjoy;)

School is still moving ahead, but with all the beautiful weather comes thoughts of summer break about two months too soon!  I have had a hard time focusing even!  My brain is in a fog because it feels like it should be May and I have a lot to do this year with our oldest son graduating from homeschool and Hubby will be teaching and leading at the Michigan homeschool convention during this time also.  I have to keep reminding myself it is only the middle of March and there is no reason to panic!

I am teaching a drop spindle class this Saturday at a local yarn shop that I am really excited about.  There are six students signed up so far, which will be a nice size group.  I am practicing my spindle skills this week so that I will be well prepared.  I am mainly a wheel spinner now, but there is something about picking up a "stick" and creating yarn and realizing that this is how ALL of our yarn used to be created.  As I learn more "lost arts" and homesteading skills my appreciation for those who came before us grows.  The time they had to spend just to survive is unbelievable!

We have recovered from the loss of Claire the goat, but still miss her like crazy.  I am looking into bringing home a new one so stayed tuned!  We lost four of the six angora bunnies, but the two that are left are growing like crazy and now have there eyes open!  Let's hope April is a better month for our animals here on the farm as we get ready to add some more!

Bek on a nature trek (check out the bonnet:))


Drawing nature

Shells we found in the creek

Running from a very large crayfish!

I LOVE this book! 

Bunches of fluffy, warm, white angora fiber ready for the wheel

angora bunny #1

angora bunny #2

Doesn't this look like an Easter card?

I love that face!

What we have been spending our evenings doing.

Jupiter and Venus 3 degrees apart!  Have you been stargazing this week to see this?  Very cool!

Oldest daughter "styling" by the campfire

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