Friday on the Farm

Our English angora rabbit Kiree was due to have babies today.  I went out last night to check on her before I went to bed.  I really thought that she was way too small to have any babies, maybe there would be just a couple in this batch.

To my surprise we found 8 in the cage this morning!  See the grey one to the right with the stripe?  He looks just like the dad "Racer" (racing stripe) but reversed colors.  See the stripe on its nose?

 The twins hiding from the quad when we cleaned out the barn.
 The pool went up this week.  Of course the kids are in it as it is being filled.  That water had to be about 50 degrees, but they didn't care one bit!
 Baby kittens are doing well and getting bigger!
 The 49 Freedom Rangers are doing amazing and getting ready to be moved into the other area we have for them.
 Princess Fiona giving me the eye, wondering what I am doing this morning.
 Lazy goats, notice all the barn chickens hanging out with them, and in the hay feeder.
 Alex having a nap this morning, it looks uncomfortable to me!
 Robin and Tiger and mama chicken....
 Tripp standing on Tiberius's head.
 This morning on my walk I found a big snapping turtle and underneath it was this hole.  I am not sure if she was laying eggs or what.  A couple hours later the two youngest and I headed down the road to take pictures and we found the hole...empty.  No turtle to be found.
 Using our great powers of observation and investigation we found "tracks" in the dirt of a tail dragging across the road.

We slowly walked through the grass in that direction and sure enough there she was! 

 She is giving us the eye!  We kept our distance, but did have fun tracking her!  Thanks for visiting today!

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Friday on the Farm