Garden is in!

We spent the day Saturday getting our garden in. We didn't clean up the garden like we should have last fall, so that took some extra time this year. Thankfully Hubby borrowed the neighbor's plow attachment for our quad and he was able to play plow it up quickly. Our garden is bigger this year so we got a lot in. Not as much as I would have liked though. Of course each year another row of yard is magically plowed to add some more space. I ran the roto-tiller along the "edges" while hubby was playing plowing and got my extra row! I tried something new for us which is companion gardening and I also did less really long rows and more groupings of plants. So we really switched things up. Now if we can just get the weather to cooperate it will all work out. Here in Michigan that is always a test. We could have 90's and humid one day and 50's the next. Last year we were under water until June and then we never got out of the low 70's for temperatures most of the summer. I have big canning plans this year and hope to double what we did last year. I am reading up on different ideas and hope to implement them. Did you know you can make spaghetti or pizza sauce in a big crock pot and let it cook down for a day or so until thick and then can? I had never thought of this. We are spoiled with all our kitchen gadgets we can use to make canning and cooking so much easier than any other time!

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