Goat Alarm

Tripp and Tiberius and Momma
Most farmers have roosters that let them know it is time to get up.  Not us, we picked goats.  That silly face staring at you is Robin.  She is one of the six goats that live here at Tail Spin Farm.  She is my alarm clock these days.  If I am not out to feed them before 5:45 a.m. she lets me know it is time at 5:46.  She has also taught the "new guys on the block", Tripp and Tiberius how things work so they have now joined her in her early morning tirade of goat song.

I wouldn't mind it so much, except for the neighbors who live pretty close to us (we do all our "farming" on an acre!).  I would hate for there to be an issue in regards to this.  So I continue my early morning trip out to the barn hoping to beat her up.  I am just waiting for the hot days of summer and knowing that both neighbors have central air and their windows will be shut tight and I won't have to worry so much about waking someone early in the morning with the horrible songs Robin sings.

They also have been quite spoiled by someone in the family who shall go nameless...Hubby..who gives them willow branches from our two beautiful willow trees.  If they want more what do they do?  You guessed it, holler until someone gets them some.  I am finding out they are smarter than what people say.  A couple of nights last week we let them out to roam while we were having a campfire.  It was about the same time every night.  On the fourth night, about that time, ALL of the goats started "screaming"  I threw on my boots to run out to see what had happened.  Everything and goat was fine, but they were just yelling as loud as they could.  It finally dawned on me that they expected to be let out just like the last couple of nights.  Smart goats.

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