Missing in Action

I don't know where the time goes some days!  We are in the midst of a lot going on right now and I just haven't taken any time to blog about any of it!  My days have been filled with creating, cleaning, organizing and teaching.  We are starting to wind down school, everyone just has "pieces and parts" left.  I am thankful for that, as we have a crazy spring to get through in the next month.

College pick day for the Eldest has past.  I truly thought He would be moving to Pennsylvania, at the last minute his first choice college stepped up and offered him a full ride scholarship (this was his fifth full ride offer!)  I was one happy mamma.  So he will only be 20 minutes away and not 13 hours.  I am so thankful, gas money to PBU was looking pretty expensive right now.

We have baby bunnies, baby chickens, and baby kittens all over the farm with 50 Freedom Ranger chickens due in the mail today.  (just got the call they are in at the post office!)  So the farm is blooming in more ways than one.

We finally finished landscaping our entryway area after living in this house for 11 years.  It is amazing what work a graduation open house will cause you to decide you have to get done.  Eldest has his senior piano recital in two weeks and then the open house two weeks later.  If I am still talking in coherent sentences by then it will be a miracle.

We have our big Michigan homeschool conference next weekend with friends coming from out of state to work that with us.  Hubby will be teaching a "Mad Scientist" class for the kids and the ministry he works for will be teaching writing and radio classes.  So it is sure to be a full weekend, but a good one.

I taught a drop spindle class at Maple Valley Farms yesterday and had a blast.  I had 4 students who were all quick learners and were spinning by the time we left yesterday.  It was really a wonderful time and Homemaker Ang does a wonderful job putting these classes together.

I am off to the post office to pick up the chickens.  I will post pictures later.

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