Friday Around the Farm

We are keeping busy with all that is going on around the farm these days.  The three oldest kiddos are gone for two weeks on a music tour with a local college.  They will spend this week at the college rehearsing for 6 hours or so a day and then they will start on tour Sunday and travel to churches in Michigan and Indiana.  I am soooo much missing them.  With three gone of the five the  house is so quiet.  

I had a batch of 8 angora babies born 5 weeks ago and slowly I have lost all of them.  The last one died yesterday.  I am not sure of what.  In the 7-8 years that I have been breeding angoras I have never had that happen.  Of course farm life is never dull and I went out early this morning to feed animals and found a surprise batch of five new angora babies healthy and strong.  We won't talk about why they are a surprise, lets just say that one naughty free range male (Moppet) escapes from his rabbit tractor and met up with a naughty free range female (Cole) and we caught them together one morning.  I didn't think to much more of it until this morning!  So we will try again and see how these five do.

Chicken coop painted

Decks are all stained

Necklaces I create

Freedom Ranger chickens doing great!

Beans in the garden!


One of my goldfish in our little pond (they are from last spring!)

Alex, my favorite

Youngest catching

The hollyhocks are beautiful this year!

Surprises are always happening on the farm!

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