Ranting and Raving

I usually try to keep the posts here on my blog home and family related.  Happy things like pictures of the kiddos and what they are up to or the random goofiness of our animals.  On most Friday mornings you will find pictures from the previous weeks and what we have been up to.

With the decisions being made in this country and the goofiness that went on yesterday in our "government" I have decided to post a non-politically correct rant.  I come by this rightly (Thank you Dad;)) although I don't often do it in public.

The decision made yesterday in this country is just a wee, small piece of the bigger problem.  Case in point, I was shopping at my "favorite" place, to flush Hubby's well earned money down the toilet, completely out of my own convenience (which is another post altogether).  I was in line at this super store, which by the way had to build a brand new store a couple of years back so that they could have more check out lanes, which they only open three up anyways (which is another post) so I am not sure who had that brilliant idea, so we could have one more empty building in our small town...I digress.  I was in line waiting patiently behind a mom with three very well behaved, little ones, who was behind another woman and I assume her three well tattooed and pierce not-so-little sons.  I stood in line for well over 10 minutes (remember only 3 lanes open at a time out of the 27 lanes in the store) watching this woman empty out 2 carts full of junk.  She had everything, t.v. dinners of all brands and makes, enough pop to last through the month, chips of all kids, candy bars...well you get the idea.  Ten minutes and $320 later she and one of her son's proceeded to pay for the entire "cavity in a cart" with...wait for it...you guessed it, their Bridge cards.  Now I am not sure if "Bridge Cards" are nation wide or if that is what we call them here in Michigan.  Basically this woman bought over $300 of junk, on us (well someone is paying for it and it wasn't them).  I wonder if tattoo parlors take the bridge card now?

Now, I am not some heartless creature who lives in a bubble (although I try).  I know things are tough out there.  I know some people need help.  We had a major manufacturing plant that had over 600 people working for it (including my Dad for 30+ years) shut down in our small town, so it could move to Mexico.

This is the stuff that needs to be fixed now and soon.  There are other things I could mention like the people we hear about around town that are just "not going to pay their mortgage payments anymore because they can't sell there house and they really want to buy a different one."  No lie.  We live in a small town that was on a building/real estate boom 11 years ago when the bottom fell out.  We paid a small fortune for our small house we are in now 11 years ago, we were told last year we have lost over 40 percent of the equity that we had built into our home, from our hard earned money.  How did we possibly put extra money into our house you asked?  Because my diligent, hard-working Hubby has stuck it out at same not-always-a-fun-place-to-be job for 23 years!  Now again I know it is tough out there and there are some areas that are harder hit than others in the job market.  But, we need to re-think some of this stuff that has made so many people       lazy.

Yup I said it.

p.s. Hubby is running for President.  You can see his page on facebook under Scott for President
p.s.s.  Hubby also has a tattoo from our younger, wild days, so before you slam me about that one I am just trying to make a point.

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