Friday on the Farm...just for my lil' sis

I had a note that my Friday's on the farm had been missed.  With school starting up and canning,  gardening and other various farm things being done, my time has been limited!  We are back into the full swing again and really are looking forward to a real Michigan winter.  Last year we experienced one of the warmest winters on record.  Our usual enjoyment of apples this fall is pretty much non-existent because of the weather and being the cheap skate that I am, I refuse to pay $10 a gallon for cider (at least for the good stuff grown right here).

I took another knitting class and finished up my mitten last night.  I am thrilled how quick and easy mittens are compared to the socks.  I know what I will be making for Christmas this year, hopefully out of angora yarn which will be super warm!

I will be teaching a couple more classes this fall, and doing a craft bazaar with my mother-in-law around the holidays.  I am still spinning and sending my yarn off to New York to be used by a designer there and that keeps me busy.

Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn had the Titanic Exhibit and the kids and I were able to go and see that this week.  It was amazing to me how much stuff they were able to pull out of the water after 80+ years and have it intact for the most part.  We saw hand-written letters, paper money and dishes that looked like they just came out of the cupboard.  There was a bottle that still contained olive oil in it!  It was really neat to see.  Of course there wasn't any photography allowed so there are no pictures to share.

Next week Hubby and I are off to Mackinaw Island to get away for a few days.  I am so looking forward to it and can't wait!
At the Henry Ford...Cam you will NEVER drive my car;)

Joshie finally caught red handed...

Bek's favorite part of the whole museum...

My finished mittens!!!

Mama, Daddy and Tiny Tim all back together again

Someone forgot to tell mama that spring is long gone. She hatch out another 11 chicks. That makes 22 this year.


My poor Alex minus her coat...

Tripp had the same hair appointment

Last of the meat birds for the year

Alex kisses

My new egg layers New Hampshire's and Delaware's 

Still in beautiful color

A rogue....something in my flower bed!

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Friday on the Farm