One of my fondest school memories (and there aren't too many) is from my fifth grade class project.  We made our very own puppets.  These were big, about 40 inches, and we got to create them how ever we wanted once the bodies were made.  We spent weeks on this project and I remember my Mom helping with the sewing.  When we finished our whole class put on a "muppet show" type play right before Christmas.  

I have kept my puppet all these years, she is about 30 years old now and showing her age a little bit, but she still sits in my closet.  I have made a couple of these over the years for gifts and one year we made them for our little homeschool group.

I have decided to make them again and put them on my etsy.  If you are interested in one, I will even personalize one for you (to the best of my ability!).  "Harriet" is for sale on my etsy or you can email me at tailspinfarm@gmail.com


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